Request for Quotation

Ref. No. Title Solicitation No Category Approved Budget Attachment
10772472 Repair and Maintenance of Mitsubishi Pajero CRN-855 of NIA INIMO INIMO-S24-04-041 Vehicle Repair and Maintenance 67700.00 PDF icon R1 INIMO-S24-04-041.pdf
10772150 Repair and Preventive Maintenance of Nissan Navara FIZ 118 of NIA INIMO INIMO-S24-04-040 Vehicle Repair and Maintenance 54600.00 PDF icon R1 INIMO-S24-04-040.pdf
10771598 Repair and Maintenance of Nissan Navara FIZ-118 of NIA-INIMO INIMO-S24-04-039 Vehicle Repair and Maintenance 125250.00 PDF icon R1 INIMO-S24-04-039.pdf
10763427 Procurement of Meals and Snacks for the Conduct of Sulvec SRIP Final Inspection INIMO-S24-04-038 Catering Services 91480.00 PDF icon R1 INIMO-S24-04-038 MEALS.pdf
10676451 Procurement of T-Shirt for the GAD Women's Month Celebration INIMO-S24-03-031 Garments 130200.00 PDF icon INIMO-S24-03-031 T SHRIT.pdf
10622297 Procurement of Spare Parts for the Repair of Various Vehicles of NIA INIMO INIMO-S24-03-027 Vehicle Parts and Accessories 86250.00 PDF icon RFQ R1 INIMO-S24-03-027.pdf
10621996 Repair and Maintenance of Nissan Navara SJB-137 of NIA INIMO INIMO-S24-03-026 Vehicle Repair and Maintenance 99500.00 PDF icon RFQ R1 INIMO-S24-03-026 SPAREPARTS.pdf
10622079 Procurement of Seedlings and Implemantation of IWRMP for the R & PWRSIS INIMO-S24-03-025 Agricultural Products (Seeds, Seedlings, Plants..) 439300.00 PDF icon RFQ R1 INIMO-S24-03-025.pdf
10608379 Repair and Maintenance of Volvo Wheeled Excavator Backhoe F12-18 of NIA INIMO INIMO-S24-02-024 Vehicle Repair and Maintenance 137600.00 PDF icon RFQ R1 INIMO-S24-02-024.pdf
10606467 Repair and Maintenance of UD Dump Truck UOL-098 of NIA INIMO INIMO-S24-02-023 Vehicle Repair and Maintenance 164550.00 PDF icon RFQ R1 INIMO-S24-02-023.pdf