CY 2021

Climate Change Adaptation Works (National Systems)
Labugaon RIS Solsona                   7,426,000.00
Rehabilitation and Protection of Water Resources Supporting Irrigation Systems (RPWRSIS) under Climate Change Adaptation Works (CCAW)
Laoag-Vintar RIS Vintar                   3,200,000.00
Establishment of Groundwater Pump IP - Solar Power-Driven Pump Irrigation Projects
Pangil PCIS Bacarra                   2,500,000.00
Sapuyot Pulangui PCIS Bacarra                   2,500,000.00
Sapuyot-Libong PCIS Bacarra                   2,500,000.00
Lapaz Taguiporo PIP Bacarra                    5,000,000.00
Sto. Rosario PIP Bacarra                    2,500,000.00
Ballawes PIP Badoc                   5,000,000.00
Peccang PIP Badoc                   2,500,000.00
Danao PIP Bangui                    2,500,000.00
Hilvacris PIP Banna                   2,500,000.00
Lang-Ayan PCIS Currimao                   5,000,000.00
Maglaoi PCIS Currimao                   2,500,000.00
Bingao PIP San Nicolas                   2,500,000.00
Samac PIP San Nicolas                   2,500,000.00
San Lorenzo East & West PCIS San Nicolas                   5,000,000.00
Cabaraoan PCIS Sarrat                   2,500,000.00
Pandan PCIS Sarrat                   2,500,000.00
Sanjera Manayon PCIS Sarrat                   2,500,000.00
Sanjera Padual PCIS Sarrat                   2,500,000.00
Operation and Maintenance of National Irrigation System Pump Irrigations Systems
Bonga Pump #3 PIS Laoag City                   1,195,000.00
Bonga Pump #2 PIS San Nicolas                   2,565,000.00
Bonga Pump #1 PIS Sarrat                   1,665,000.00
Repair of National Irrigation Systems
Dingras RIS Marcos                   9,457,000.00
Restoration of National Irrigation Systems
Nueva Era RIS Nueva Era                   9,114,000.00
Small Irrigation Projects (SIP)
Pusuak SIP (POW 3) Bangui                   17,663,000.00
Barasan SIP Carasi     
Small Reservoir Irrigation Projects (SRIP)
Sulvec Small Reservoir Irrigation Project Pasuquin                  69,130,000.00
Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Project - Irrigation Component (CARP - IC)
Surrate-Milagrosa CIS Dingras                  10,000,000.00
Line Projects (Locally Funded)
Ilocos Norte Irrigation Project - Stage II Nueva Era                        25,000.00