San Fabian, Pangasinan — The Pangasinan Irrigation Management Office (PIMO) headed by Manager Gaudencio M. De Vera conferred with Irrigators Association (IA) officials at the Binday-Palapad-Tomeeng IA office here during the impact assessment for the National Irrigation System Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (NISRIP).

The 150M JAICA-funded project which started in October 2016 aims to improve agricultural production in San Fabian River Irrigation System (SFRIS) consisting of the municipalities of San Fabian, San Jacinto and Manaoag. The system has a total of 1,565 farmer beneficiaries with a land area of 2,116 hectares.

NISRIP has three components which include rehabilitation of the antiquated Binday Dam, agri-support services under the auspices of PhilRice which is essential for the capacity building of farmer-leaders and the provision of farm machineries and IA offices. NISRIP is due for management turnover this year.