Bued CIS Adjudged 4th Runner-Up Outstanding IA

La Union – In 2009, the Bued # 1 Communal Irrigation System was totally damaged due to typhoon "Pepeng". The Association who was once a recipient of award of NIA's Annual Search for Outstanding IAs in 2007 was poignant and unproductive for 5 long years.  Some of its members during that time already transferred to other places to look for a job. Others testified that their children had to stopped their studies because of financial problems.

The Association went to different government agencies, LGUs and NGOs that could possibly help them restore their system. Since it needs a huge amount of money, complete restoration seems impossible. But the officers lead by IA President Victoriano Petina Jr. did not lose hope and very optimistic that they will surmount all the test in their lives. They strongly believed that someday, a grace from God will come.

 Finally, in 2014, the long wait was answered by a 20Million fund allocated by NIA under the CIS Extension Project. And after its completion on the same year, the farmers were able to use their irrigation system to give them again bountiful harvest 3 times a year. Everyone was so happy, thankful and at the same time astonished that they can still rise up from their fall.

Its full operation in 2015 was not easy but with the help of the members, NIA, LGU and other government and non- government agencies, the IA emerge and continue what they had started. They worked hand in hand to bring back what they had lost. And its' amazing that on its first year after the completion of the project, they were able to compete already and even won the 4th Runner-up award during the recently concluded 2015 Annual Search for Outstanding IAs (CIS Category) during the 53rd NIA Anniversary on June 22, 2016 held at NIA-Central Office. The IA is very grateful to all who helped and make their dream realized especially to the NIA for all the support.  

Bued CIS Dam 1 ISA is a living testimony that no amount of trials can put a resilient Association down who believes in the unity of its members and to the government who is willing to serve its people. . . . . . and most of all, an association who have trust and strong faith in God.