In his New Year’s Call before top officials and Regional Managers last January 8, 2019 at the NIA Central Office in Quezon City, Administrator Gen Ricardo R Visaya (Ret) underscored unity and cooperation as essential factors to effectively carry out various programs and projects to benefit the agency’s clients and stakeholders. The untiring leader took the perfect opportunity to expound the meaning of the ushering ceremony relative to NIA’s mandate for the country’s socio-economic development. For this year, a paper crane was chosen to symbolize inspiration in pursuit of the agency’s annual goals and objectives.   Gen. Visaya explained that “traditionally, it is believed that if one folds 1,000 paper cranes, one’s wish would come true.” Thus, the practice of origami (the art of paper folding) precipitates hope and healing specially during challenging times. The colorful paper cranes represent vibrance in the organization. The theme “Addressing Challenges through Modernization; Meeting Opportunities through Innovation” signifies NIA’s resolve to continually embrace challenges and opportunities. Administrator Visaya ended his New Years call with a marching order: “NIAns must work together with strong conviction.  There is no hurdle we cannot surpass; no challenge we cannot overcome; no promise we cannot fulfill; no wish we cannot attain.”  In closing, he reiterated the importance of hard work and teamwork in the organization to get things done. “We must focus on the attainment of our personal and collective wishes in serving our clients and stakeholders. We have to give them the best service.  That is why we are called ‘Lingkod Bayan".